Selena Gomez Pregnant? Other Young Pregnant Celebs


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Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital.

Selena Gomez was admitted to the hospital yesterday and ever since pregnancy rumors have run amuck. While it has not been confirmed, there is a slew of other celebrities who have gotten pregnant as teenagers including the Teen Mom cast and Jamie Lynn Spears.

A few years ago, MTV jumped on the bandwagon of the popularity of teen pregnancy and ever since it seems to be a growing epidemic.

The most notable celebrity to have gotten pregnant as a teenager would be Ms. Jamie Lynn Spears. It rocked the world of the teen community and every since there have been reports of pregnancy pacts around the country. And Spears is always the first to be blamed.

So what impact will this have on young teens? That is yet to be known.

Do you think Selena is really pregnant?

[Photo via PR Photos.]