Selena Gomezs TV Mom Talks Justin Bieber Dating Selena: Will Bieber Be on Wizards of Waverly Place?

selena gomez dating justin bieber wizards of waverly place
Will Justin Bieber guest star with Selena Gomez on Wizards?

So, Selena Gomez’s TV mom is a Justin Bieber fan and definitely a fan of Selena dating Justin!

Maria Canals-Barerra, who plays Selena Gomez’s mom on Wizards of Waverly Place, said of Justin Bieber, “He’s very sweet. I’ve met him a few times. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be for two superstars like that to actually have a budding romance, but I wish them the very best.”

Canals-Barerra seems to be team Bieber, saying, “From what I have seen so far he’s a nice young man.”

As for Selena and Justin dating, Canals-Barrera says, “They probably have a lot in common because they come from a regular life and were discovered young to have special talent and passion for singing and acting… And they became superstars at a very young age, both of them. And I think they have the goods.”

Will Justin Bieber be on Wizards of Waverly Place anytime soon? Selena’s TV mom says, “There hasn’t been any official word on that, but that would be a fantastic idea.”

For now, we’ll just go with this Bieber mention on Wizards (video):