Selma Blair and Ali Landry: Pregnant Workout Buddies

Selma Blair is due in early July.

Actress Selma Blair might be ready to deliver any day but she isn’t letting that stop her from keeping a healthy exercise regime.

Well into her third trimester, Blair maintains an active lifestyle, and works out by taking Pilates classes.

A recent issue of People Magazine reports that, Selma has found a fellow pregnant exercise buddy in actress Ali Landry.

Landry is pregnant with her second child, and she recently confirmed that the pair are workout buddies:

“I train with Selma Blair three to four times a week, and we do a pregnancy workout that we love. We train together every week. The trainer is always like, ‘Can you guys please stop talking?’ We talk the entire time. I feel so good by doing these sessions though.”

Landry’s second child is due in October, and Blair is due in early July.

What was your favorite type of exercise when you were pregnant? Did you work out with a buddy?

Ali Landry is due in October.



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