Selma Blair and Little Arthur Check Out the Halloween Decorations (Photos)

Selma Blair and son Arthur.


Selma Blair‘s little boy, Arthur, was all wide-eyed wonder today as his mom wheeled him around their neighborhood to check out the Halloween decorations.

Selma happily pushed his toddler car, armed with a bottle of juice to fortify herself. Over her faded jeans, she wore a wonderful long knit oatmeal-colored jacket with wide three-quarter-length sleeves.

Arthur wasn’t in costume yet, but we’re sure he changed outfits long before the day ended. In his warm hoodie, he oohed and aahed over the sights.

What do you think he was for Halloween? And did Selma dress up, too?

See the pictures after the jump!

  • Juicing up 1 of 5
    Juicing up
    Selma carries a large drink to stay hydrated during their stroll.
  • Say hi! 2 of 5
    Say hi!
    Selma and Arthur cross paths with a neighbor.
  • What’s THAT? 3 of 5
    What's THAT?
    Arthur spies something spooky.
  • Flower power 4 of 5
    Flower power
    Selma picks an orange rose - a perfect color for the season.
  • Stopping to smell the roses 5 of 5
    Stopping to smell the roses
    Mom enjoys the scent while son enjoys the sights.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]