Selma Blair Maternity Style Needs a Little Work!

selma blair pregnant
Selma Blair taking a rescued dog for a walk

Selma Blair has been a fan of prints throughout her pregnancy.  And sometimes it has worked for her, like when she wore this palm tree printed maternity dress.

But, today’s dress? Seems like a mess!

I hate to knock a girl down when she’s knocked up, but this dress is an example of why people say that maternity clothes look like tents!

And her shoes, while actually sort of cute, are so not appropriate. Selma Blair was volunteering at the Lange Foundation in Santa Monica, walking rescued dogs.  Those don’t look like dog walking shoes to me!

Selma Blair is due in late July, so maybe she’s just too uncomfortable to care what she looks like.  What do you think of Selma’s maternity look?

Photo: PCN

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