Selma Blair Not Worried About Losing Baby Weight

selma blair
Selma Blair focusing on her baby, not baby weight.

Selma Blair just became a mom to son Arthur in July, and she is one new parent who definitely sounds like she has her priorities straight.

While most celebrity moms are primarily concerned with fitting back into designer sample sizes immediately after giving birth, Selma says that losing baby weight is not her main focus right now.

She told US Weekly, “I actually haven’t lost any weight since the day I left the hospital. I still weigh the exact same number. I haven’t really been focusing on that at all, because I’ve been running around to different things like Toronto [International Film Festival] and Venice [Film Festival].”

Although Selma admits that she still has a few pounds to lose, she has been following a healthy eating plan. She reports that she is a fan of Alicia Silverstone’s “The Kind Diet,” and says, “It helps with my clarity and endurance.”

Though she plans on hitting the gym “once things slow down,” she is enjoying her baby in the meantime. She says that little Arthur is wonderful, and that he has done well traveling with his famous mom!

Selma may think she has more weight to lose, but she looks pretty amazing to me already!



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