Separated at Birth? Kate Moss x Martha Stewart (Photos)


I don’t know if I’m just sleep deprived or just in a silly mood, but you know what, I think Kate Moss is totally growing up to look like Martha Stewart. Yes, there are some pretty strong similarities between the queen of the catwalk and the queen of crafts.

They both have been seen donning a whole lot of black lately. They both have the same honey kissed blonde hair. They both have the same mischievous grin. They were both born with bold and high cheek bones. They’re both secretly bad girls – one got caught with drugs, the other got caught doing insider trading. They each have one child each of them has a daughters. And each one of them is an icon.  Sure one is 38 and one is 71, but the could be sisters (oh, okay,  more like mother/daughter).

Check out these side by side photos…separated at birth? What do you think?

Kate Moss vs. Martha Stewart