Serena Williams Is Thinking About Having Kids


serena-williams-babiesTennis powerhouse, Serena Williams, wants to start a family. She and her boyfriend Common have been dating for a little while, they started dating last year, and she said she’s starting to hear the ticking of her biological clock.

She said: I would love to have a baby… But I have two little dogs I take care of and they’re so cute, but sometimes I forget them. One time I was in the locker room… I was busy and I left and I was in the car driving home and I was like, ‘Oops!’ I definitely don’t need any kids because I forgot my dog.”

Her fear is understandable. I’m sure she felt horrible when she realized she left her dog in the car.

She also said that she doesn’t understand how pregnant women do it.

“Every time I see a woman walking around pregnant, I’m like. ‘Oh my god, I could never do that.’ How are you walking? I look at them and my back starts hurting!”

“That’s as far as I’ve gotten with that (having kids) but eventually, maybe one day I’ll get there. That would be awesome.”

I wonder if she would push her kids in tennis  as much as she was pushed.

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