Serena Williams Pulmonary Embolism - Her Emergency Surgery


Monday, 29-year-old Serena Williams was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital to undergo emergency treament and surgery for a blood clot in her lungs, People magazine reported on Wednesday.

Tennis officials werre not able to confirm the report, but Williams’ representative told People she was treated on Monday.

“Last week, Serena suffered from a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot in the lungs) which was discovered upon her return to L.A. She had been in New York for doctor appointments for the ongoing issues with her foot.” Williams’ rep said.

According to BBC News Health, a pulmonary embolism “is a blood clot that has entered the lungs. Small clots may cause no symptoms at all and medium-sized clots may cause sudden breathlessness. When the clot is large, it can stop blood from flowing through the lungs. This can cause a person to collapse or even die.”

“Monday Serena Williams underwent emergency treatment at Cedars (Sinai Medical Center) for a hematoma she suffered as a result of treatment for a more critical situation.”

Serena Williams, the former world number one tennis player, has not played competitively since winning last year’s Wimbledon due to a cut on her foot she received after stepping on broken glass at a restaurant in Germany.

Williams’ rep added that “doctors are continuing to monitor her situation to avoid additional complications.”

We wish her a speedy recovery!