Serene Branson Video: Was It Actually A Stroke? (VIDEO)


serene branson has a stroke on airDid Serene Branson actually have a stroke on air during a CBS news update of the Grammys?

Branson is a CBS reporter and in the video below, you can see that she was struggling to pronounce her lines after the Grammys. It’s pretty apparent something was wrong with her, and that the slurring was  not intentional or controllable.

Dr. John Krakauer, who is an associate professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins, told CBS News that it could have been a “mini-stroke,” a seizure or migraine.

Although there is speculation that she did indeed have a stroke, nothing has been confirmed yet. There are currently conflicting reports about what actually happened after the incident; The Daily Telegraph claimed that she had been hospitalized, and did have a stroke, while an LA radio host said that she had been checked out by a friend, according to the New York Daily News.

CBS has made no comment or update yet, but we are hoping they will soon. Our best wishes go out to Serene Branson.