Serene Branson Video: Reporter Says She's Feeling OK


CBS reporter Serene Branson, who has become an internet sensation following her live post-Grammy Award report, has told her bosses at CBS that she feels fine, and that her mangled speech was not linked to any kind of serious medical problem.

In the video, Branson seems to be talking unintelligibly, and it’s clear that something is wrong with her before she tries to sign off the air. Branson was immediately examined by paramedics that were on scene but was not hospitalized. She has been resting at home since then.

On Monday, Branson responded to concerns that she may have suffered a stroke or maybe a seizure while launching into a report outside Staples Center after the Grammys on Sunday night.

While Branson told CBS station executives that she did not have any type of serious medical problem, it remains unclear when she would return to work.

Branson, who started working at CBS  in July 2006,  is a two-time Emmy nominee and a recipient of the Frank Shakespeare Award for Outstanding Achievement in Journalism, according to her bio on the station’s website.

You can watch the video of her stumbling over her words after the Grammys here.

Many people are asking, if it wasn’t a stroke what was it? What are your thoughts?