Seriously, How is Julianne Moore 51? She Looks AMAZING (Photos)

Julianne Moore - Ageless!

I would like to know where the fountain of youth that Julianne Moore is drinking from, because whatever she is drinking, well it’s working.

Mom Julianne more is now 51 but you would never know by looking at her. She still is stunning, gorgeous and has such a youthful glow. An example of her amazing agelessness comes to us from the red carpet of Game Change, the film in which she uncannily portrays Sarah Palin.

And not only does her face and skin look fab, but she continues to make stylish fashion choices, looking every inch a movie star.

Check out Julianne Moore – the ageless wonder – right here.

What do you think she is doing to keep looking so great?

  • Julianne Moore’s Style 1 of 5
    Julianne Moore's Style
    Looking stylish as usual!
  • The Face! 2 of 5
    The Face!
    Totally flawless.
  • The Accessories 3 of 5
    The Accessories
    Love her choice of handbag and jewelry.
  • Co-stars 4 of 5
    Julianne with her co-stars. But your eye can not veer from stunning Julianne!
  • Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson 5 of 5
    Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson
    Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson came to bask in her glory!

Photos; PR Photos

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