Sexiest Man Alive 2010 - How Does Ryan Reynolds Stack Up to the Past Winners?


sexiest man alive 2010People magazine has named actor Ryan Reynolds the Sexiest Man Alive 2010.

He joins a group of really sexy men – Clooney, Damon, and Pitt to name a few.  Ryan Reynolds is cute, for sure.  He has charm to spare.    He’s also a proud Canadian with a chiseled bod.   He even has one of the world’s most beautiful women as his wife.  It sure sounds like he fits the bill of Sexiest Man Alive!

How does the Sexiest Man Alive 2010 compare to previous winners of the title?

We all have our favorites (mine is Matt Damon) in the list of previous winners.  It comes down to your personal taste.  Do you like the straight up sexy man or is it a family man that you prefer?   Do you like a guy for his intelligence or is it a sense of humor? 

Who has won the title of People magazine’s Sexist Man Alive?

2009 & 2003 – Johnny Depp
2008 – Hugh Jackman
2007 – Matt Damon
2006 & 1997 – George Clooney
2005 – Matthew McConaughey
2004 – Jude Law
2002 – Ben Affleck
2001 – Pierce Brosnan
2000 & 1995 – Brad Pitt
1999 & 1993 – Richard Gere (’93 was a special Sexiest Couple version with ex-wife Cindy Crawford)
1998 – Harrison Ford
1996 – Denzel Washington
1992 – Nick Nolte
1991 – Patrick Swayze
1990 – Tom Cruise
1989 – Sean Connery
1988 – John F. Kennedy Jr
1997 – Harry Hamlin
1996 – Mark Harmon
1995 – Mel Gibson

Which winner is your favorite Sexiest Man Alive?