Sextuplet Dad Bryan Masche Living 265 Miles Away from Kids, Blind-sided by Separation

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Bryan Masche was shocked by wife's filing for legal separation

Sources close to the Masche family are saying that dad Bryan was “blind-sided” by his wife Jennifer filing for legal separation following his arrest involving a domestic disturbance and that he was hoping to work things out. One might assume that threatening to “flatten” one’s father-in-law might result in a breakup… His hopes of reconciliation could be a challenge given he is living nearly 300 miles away from his family. Here’s what a source says  about the whole situation:

“Their friends and family are very sad for them both as they are not big television or movie stars and the stress just really got to them,” says a source.

“He was still doing counseling and he was heart-broken when Jennifer filed for the separation as he though they could work it out…A lot of people who know Jennifer were surprised that she would take this drastic action without even informing him,” the source said. “Bryan did not even have time to get his own lawyer and I’m sure he will be better prepared the next time they go to court.”

Jennifer is staying in the Campe Verde area of Arizona with the children and Bryan has relocated to Lake Havasu, about 265 miles away.Jennifer is also seeking sole legal custody and primary physical custody of the kids with ample visitation for Bryan. She is also asking for equitable division of certain joint, community and other property and debt. In addition, she’s asking that no party be required to provide spousal support. (Read here she’ll sign to do a reality show without him and doesn’t want to pay his sorry butt any of the resulting big bucks.)


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