Sexy Celeb Dad: Kyle Chandler Star of 'Super 8' and 'Friday Night Lights'


Super 8 star Kyle Chandler is one of the sexiest celebrity dads around! Kyle has been in the news a great deal lately due to his new movie Super 8 but this celeb dad is known for being very down-to-earth!

The star of Friday Night Lights and Super 8 is married to Kathryn Chandler, who is a writer. The couple live in Los Angeles with their two daughters Sydney and Sawyer.

Eric Taylor, the character Kyle Chandler plays on Friday Night Lights comes naturally to Kyle Chandler, who grew up in a small Georgia town of less than 5,000 people.

In the new movie Super 8, Chandler plays Deputy Jackson Lamb who begins to investigate the unusual disappearances and other odd happenings that suddenly afflict the town. A hard-working law officer, but struggling widower, the deputy is drawn into a consuming mystery at a time when his emotions are most raw and his son most desperately needs him. Director J. J. Abrams says the key to Chandler’s performance is a slightly broken-hearted quality that shines through his harsh exterior.

“Kyle is an incredible actor. He’s wildly likeable and a great Everyman. He plays Jackson with a strength and a toughness, yet lets you see that, despite not being the best dad, he really is a broken soul, and therefore sympathetic. His wife has passed away and now he has to care for a son who he doesn’t understand all that well.”

I’m sure Kyle Chandler has broken a few hearts in his day, take a look at some of these pics and tell me what you think of this celeb daddy!

Photos: Pacific Coast News, NBC/Friday Night Lights and Paramount Pictures.

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