SF Giants: How Did Brian Wilson Pay Tribute to His Dad After World Series Win?


Brian Wilson SF Giants

The moment that the San Francisco Giants won the World Series, the first time ever, the charismatic closer Brian Wilson looked to the skies, pointed his fingers and proudly crossed his arms. It was the first thing he did before reveling with his teammates or being accosted by reporters. You could tell it was important for him to do in that moment. But what did it mean?

This body motion has been repeated at the end of many of Brian Wilson’s wins with the San Francisco Giants. And he does it for a very special reason. To honor his dearly departed dad. His father passed away from cancer when he was just 17 and that is his way of recognizing his dad after a big win. He said it was adopted from MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and also reportedly pays some kind of tribute to his Christian faith.

When asked after the big World Series win a reporter asked about his special tribute. Wilson answered seriously saying that, “This one was the most special, sure” he said. “It showed that hard work really does pay off. That’s what my dad always taught me.”

Too bad Brian Wilson’s dad wasn’t there to witness his son’s achievement in person. But it’s touching that Wilson makes and effort to remember and pay tribute to his father.


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