Shania Twain Engagement - Marie Anne Thiebaud's Involvement


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Marie Anne Thiebaud's Involvement In Shania Twain's Engagement.

Shania Twain’s life story has been complicated over the last couple of years. After 14 long years of marriage to Robert Lange, Twain’s best friend Marie Anne Thiebaud stole Lange and has forever been considered a homewrecker. Of course, Twain and Thiebaud are no longer friends.

In the meantime, Marie Anne, who was married to Frederic Thiebaud, had a crumbling marriage as well – I’m assuming because of her cheating ways! To make matter more complicated, Frederic and Shania are now engaged!

I wonder if Marie Anne will be Twain’s maid of honor. Only time will tell.

Do you think Marie Anne is a homewrecker or cupid?