Shannen Doherty Defends Her Bad-Girl Past, Wants Today's Mean Girls to Learn from Her Mistakes (Video)


shannon dohertyShannen Doherty is a mean girl! It’s a fact that the former 90210 star is finally admitting and defending her bad-girl past.

The actress has long kept mum about the rumors that she was just a wild child party girl with a major chip on her shoulder. In her new book, she reveals that she was truly a hard working young woman who had to support her entire family.  The 39-year-old stopped by the Today Show this morning to talk about her new book, Badass: A Hard-Earned Guide to Living Life With Style and (the Right) Attitude, which chronicles her years of child stardom, temper tantrums, public meltdowns, DUIs and high profile marriages / divorces.

Shannen fully admits to earning her reputation as a Hollywood bad-girl of the 90s.  She claims that it was the stress of caring for her parents who were both in ailing health that caused her to last out in the public eye and inevitably led to her being let go from the show that made her famous.   While she was flourishing on-screen, off-screen her father was suffering numerous heart attacks and strokes with her mom left to care for him. 

Now years later, Shannen Doherty has learned the lesson of being a powerful woman without alienating the world and is trying to teach that lesson to other young women coming up in the world.  Hopefully many of today’s Hollywood bad-girls can learn from Shannen’s mistakes!

What do you think of Shannen Doherty’s bad-girl admissions?