Shaq Challenges David Beckham To A Soccer Match



In case you hadn’t heard, Shaq’s got a new reality show where he issues ridiculous boneheaded challenges to beat other dominant sports figures in their own game. It’s called Shaq Vs. His latest stunt: to go one-on-one with David Beckham.

Apparently, Shaq has been taunting David on his Twitter page to face him in a game of “soccerball.” Check it out:

“Dear David Beckham. I know you have heard about my Shaq Vs show, anyway u (sic) will never score a goal on me. I challenge you, lil’ man.”

In another, he remarks: “David Beckham, I know you hear me. Don’t be scared, don’t make me call u (sic) out. U (sic) will never score a goal on me. Don’t make me Tweet to two million people that yur (sic) scared of Shaq, u (sic) better respond, if u (sic) scared get a dog.”

I really have no idea what Shaq is thinking here. He’s got plenty of money, right?

There’s no reason to go around making an ass of yourself by swimming against Michael Phelps, playing tennis against Serena Williams, and boxing against Oscar de la Hoya.

Whatever, it should be fun for his 5 kids to watch him get trashed in these games by some other celebrities. I’d like to see Shaq’s kids face off against Beckham’s kids in a soccer match. That would be awesome.