Hey, Osbournes: These Moms & Daughters Need Makeovers!


According to Perez Hilton, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne may be inking a deal for a mother-daughter makeover show. Kudos to them! They’ve made themselves over beautifully. And we’ve come up with a few famous mother-daughter combos who could benefit beautifully from their help. So without further ado, Kelly and Sharon please help these people!

1. Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise: Let’s get Suri some child-appropriate footwear (sneakers, please!) and, just once, Katie, could you leave home with your hair out of place. Like, just a bit windswept? A little matted? A few knots in back? It would make the rest of us feel much, much better.

2. Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain: They makeover these two need is of the legal, psychological sort. Love and her 17-year-old daughter have been battling in court over Frances’s desire to sever their ties. Right now, Frances has a restraining order to keep Love at a distance. It puts your morning battles over the Cheerios in perspective, eh? Sharon and Kelly, can’t you teach these two how to get along?

3. Kris and Kim Kardashian: Can someone (hi Kelly! hi Sharon!) please get these people smaller sunglasses (pic below)? I understand the benefit of protecting your eyes from harmful rays. But your cheeks? Buy smaller glasses and wear sunscreen. We want to see your faces, please. Eyewear makeover, STAT!

Photos: INF Photo