Sharon Osbourne Ditching Her Implants & More Moms Who Choose To Keep It Real


Hollywood is the land of silicone. I’m sure we’ve all seen the new plastic Barbie doll version of Hill’s star Heidi Montag and plenty of celebrity moms, like Pamela Anderson and Tori Spelling, have shown children do not make you immune to inflating. Just last week, rumors swirled that Kate Hudson had enhanced, but there’s been no word from her on whether or not this is true.

Bigger, though it may attract more attention, is not all the rage, however. Sharon Osbourne has just announced that she’s having her 35DD’s removed and made into a pair of creative paper weights for her husband Ozzy. Victoria Beckham also reportedly had her breast augmented and then reduced.

Plenty of moms have bucked the trend and ignored the boob obsession of La La Land altogether. As an A-cup woman myself, I salute these mommy members of the itty bitty titty committee who are keeping it real and showing smaller is beautiful.

Gwen Stefani.

Kate Moss.

Nicole Richie.

Calista Flockhart.

Cate Blanchett.

Gwyneth Paltrow.

Kelly Ripa.