Sharon Stone is Gorgeous in Her Role as Tourist. How Does She Do It? (Photos)

Sharon Stone - Ageless Wonder

Whatever Sharon Stone is drinking, I would like one too. Actually make mine a double. This busy working mom was spotted in Rome with her sons, enjoying a Spring Break vacation in Italy. And Sharon? She looked amazing. Especially when you factor in the fact that she celebrated her 54th last month. Yes, 54!

Not only does her face have an ageless glow, she went out with what looked like very little make-up. Also, her style for her role of tourist was totally chic and effortless. She wore a long navy blue pleated skirt, a double breasted jacket and of course a pair of heels. Yes, heels aren’t usually good to wear while sightseeing, but she’s a movie star so it come with the job.

Check out Sharon’s trip to Rome and her ageless beauty right here:

  • Sharon Stone Spring Break 1 of 5
    Sharon Stone Spring Break
    Sharon took her boys to Rome for Spring Break.
  • Effortless Style 2 of 5
    Effortless Style
    Sharon looked sleek and stylish in her tourist outfit.
  • Long Skirt 3 of 5
    Long Skirt
    One usually doesn't think a long skirt when going sight-seeing. But she makes it work.
  • Bodyguards 4 of 5
    Sharon is flanked by bodyguards.
  • The Posse 5 of 5
    The Posse
    Sharon has to travel with quite a posse!