Shauna Sand Cheated On Husband With His Teenage Son!?


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Nothing will break up a marriage quicker than a woman having an affair with her husband’s teenage son!  Talk about awkward at family get togethers.

Former Playboy Playmate, Shauna Sand (is she famous for anything else?) was once married to actor Lorenzo Lamas – best known for his roles on Falcon Crest and The Bold and the Beautiful – and they have three daughters together.

However, Lamas left Sand once he found out she was sleeping with his then-18-year-old son, A.J. Lamas.

A friend of Lorenzo’s said, “Shauna came on to A.J.   It was the ultimate betrayal. Lorenzo had no idea; he was in the dark about the whole thing.”

The pal added, “He thought Shauna was acting like a mom to A.J.   He had no clue that she was his son’s lover!”  Mommy Creepiest!

Um, ew, this is sort of like the whole Morgan Freeman and his granddaughter, except worse, or certainly as disturbing.

The affair apparently went on for months and once Lorenzo found out about it, he dumped Shauna. 

Do their daughters know?  I mean, how do you explain that?  Oh hey, so, mommy was having relations with your half brother.  You’re cool with that, right?

Please let this NOT be true!


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