Shauna Sand's Mom-Appropriate Wardrobe Makeover Over


My fine colleague Sunny Chanel had high hopes that Shauna Sand had turned a new leaf to ensure she never again made a list of worst-dressed moms. Sadly, it was short-lived.  The mom of three daughters (who with any luck didn’t inherit her style genes), was so poorly dressed that a bouncer couldn’t see fit to let her into Trousdale last night. And who can blame him! (Maybe he just made her wait in line for a bit with the common folk?)

Sand’s has three daughters with ex-husband Lorenzo Lamas: Alexandra (November 1997), Victoria (April 1999), and Isabella (February 2001). Hopefully, mom won’t allow them to borrow her clothes until they’re at least 21 — but let’s hope never.  To fully appreciate the outfit, keep going for a full-view photo.  (Warning: may damage your retina!)

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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