Shawn Chapman Holley: Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer is a Celebrity Mom


shawn chapman holley

Lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley has been fighting for Lindsay Lohan’s freedom in the L.A. courts. If she seems comfortable trying such a high-profile case, that may be because she has a long history of representing celebrity clients. Plus, she’s married to an actual celebrity. To boot, she’s the mom of three daughters, Nayanna, Sasha, and Olivia. If anything keeps a woman real, it’s having three kids in the house. And finally, as you’ll see below, she’s a bit of a celeb herself.

Her track record representing stars in the courtroom goes all the way back to the O.J. Simpson trial, when Holley was a member of Simpson’s defense team, led by Johnny Cochran. Since then, she’s represented a diverse array of A-Listers. She’s counted Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, the Kardashian sisters, Michael Jackson, and Axl Rose as clients. If she looks familiar herself, that’s because she’s served as chief legal correspondent for E! News. 

So who’s her famous husband (and the father of her kids)? It’s Darian Holley, onetime backup singer for Michael Jackson, vocal coach for American Idol, and singer with The Tonight Show band.