Sherri Shepherd Engaged! Will Lamar Sally Be Better Than Jeff Tarpley?


Sherri Shepherd hasn’t had a good history with marriage, but hopefully Lamar Sally will right the wrongs of her ex husband Jeff Tarpley.

She married comedian Jeff Tarpley back in  2001, but broke up in 2006 and eventually divorced in 2009 after Shepherd discovered that Tarpley was having an affair. The two have a 5-year-old son together.  Since they broke up, she been a very busy single mom but now it looks like she has found Mr. Right 2.0. This time it is the the shape of one…

Lamar Salley. He’s was a staff writer for the show Rodney and had worked on The Nanny as part of the production staff.  Lamar also did one super classy thing, he asked permission from Sherri Shepard’s 5-year-old son before he popped the question to Sherri. Sweet!

How did he propose?

Sherri was surprised to find their accommodations had been decorated with lights by one of Sal‘s best friends, her dog was wearing a Santa beard and hat, and, in the middle of a dish of Sherri‘s favorite but forbidden M&M’s (she is diabetic), was a tiny little box,” her rep said.
So far he sounds like a winner! Hopefully he’ll be better for her than her ex!
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