Sherri Shepherd Peer Pressured By Her Son


sherri shepherd, the view
Sherri Shepherd feels peer pressure from her son, Jeffrey.

Sherri Shepherd is one lucky lady. She always seems to have her two boys at her side – fiance Lamar Sally and son Jeffrey. But its the presence of her son that is starting to cause some problems!

Shepherd recently tweeted about her nice evening with her boys saying, “At 5 Napkin Burger chilling w my two guys. Then a leisurely walk home. #fb #cantgetanybetter”

She then countered that comment with her next message adding, “Sal & I split the Hamburger Salad & baked wings, but watching Jeffrey spooning down a bowl of Hagen Daaz Vanilla is KILLING Mommy #fb

Shepherd is slimming down for her upcoming wedding and preparing to have another child! She may have to hold off on that ice cream for quite some time!

What motivated you to lose weight?

[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]