Sherri Shepherd Is Too Busy With Son To Dance With The Stars


sherri-shepherd-jefferyAs a very busy showbiz mom — and a single showbiz mom at that — Sherri Shepherd says she’s got to turn down some pretty tempting projects to make sure that she can spend quality time with her 4-year-old Jeffery. According to Us, Sherri’s had to turn down a spot on Dancing With the Stars every single season.

From Sherri’s interview with Us:

“I have to say no to a lot of things, which is why you don’t see me doing the salsa on Dancing With the Stars…

That is a show I’ve wanted to do since it came on the air because I love to dance, but everybody who has been on the show with children has said to me, ‘Sherri, you won’t see your child.'”

I don’t know how she manages to see her son Jeffery with all that she’s got on her plate right now. Along with The View, Sherri’s been busy filming her sitcom Sherri on the Lifetime Network and writing (ghostwriting?) an autobiography.

As much flack as Elizabeth Hasselbeck gets for say dumb things on The View, Sherri said that Elizabeth gave her some of her favorite advice:

“She said, ‘You know, Sherri, you have a lot of spinning plates. Just make sure your child is not one of them.’ So in everything I do, my first priority is my son.”