Sherri Shepherd on Being a Helicopter Parent or Letting Kids Work It out

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Sherri Shepherd

Do you let your children work out their own problems or do you step in and take control of any problems that your child has? It’s so hard to find a balance. You either wind up being a helicopter parent and hovering over your child or not being involved enough.

Sherri Shepherd shared what happened when her son was left to his own devices this weekend.

“Sal took Jeffrey to the park. Jeffrey kept tackling three little girls. The girls got together & jumped him. Sal watched it all go down,” Sherri tweeted. “When I asked Sal Y he didn’t do anything, he says that those girls taught Jeffrey boundaries-I think it made Jeffrey like them even more.”

If Sal had stepped in and warned Jeffrey that something was going to happen to him if he didn’t stop, Jeffrey might not have believed him.  But, you can bet Jeffrey learned his lesson this way!

Of course you can’t always just sit back and let whatever happens, happen. You have to consider the safety of all involved. But, there are definitely times when it’s best to let children learn things on their own!

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