Sheryl Crow Gives Katherine Heigl Parenting Advice


sheryl-crow-wyattYou may not think of Sheryl Crow as the most experienced and knowledgeable guru in the hierarchy of celebrity parents, but Sheryl has a few sage-like nuggets of wisdom for brand new parents: get some sleep. OK, it may not be particularly mind-blowing. Nevertheless, it’s undeniably sound advice.

When OK Magazine asked the breast cancer survivor and mother of adopted son 2-year-old Wyatt whether she had any advice for Katherine Heigl (another newly adoptive parent), Sheryl had this to say:

“Grab sleep where you can,” Sheryl says. “One of the great things that my baby nurse told me was to talk to your baby all the time because it stimulates their brain, and they’re already starting to learn. Even though they’re not talking yet, they’re learning.”

Apparently, Sheryl is absolutely in love with parenting, even the difficult, kinda annoying parts. Say Crow:

“I love everything about being a mom. Even the terrible twos, which are terribly fun. It’s great. I love every second of it.”