Sheryl Crow: Motherhood Changed My Life Completely


Sheryl Crow, 48, sat down for an interview with Elle magazine and touted the virtues of motherhood. “He changed my life completely,” she said of son Wyatt, 3. “I’ve really put roots down with him. His happiness is my priority.”  Crow is also mom to seven-week-old Levi. She says one thing she’s had do less since having children is her favorite hobby, antiquing.

“One thing I’ve learned about children and antiques is that you just have to let go.”

Crow says her New York City loft is very kid-friendly, but she still prefers her Nashville farm.

“Everybody in this building either grew up here or raised their kids here, and you can just tell that this is a place that has held a lot of life and a lot of good memories,” she says.

“Look at him, he’s like a Labrador — he needs to be outside, running around” on the farm.


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