Sheryl Crow Opens Up About Adoption


Sheryl Crow, mom of two, recently opened up to Redbook about what motivated her to take the step toward parenthood and her decision to adopt. Crow, who was previously engaged to Tour de France cyclist Lance Armstrong, adopted her first son, Wyatt in 2007–one year after her split with Armstrong–and her second son, Levi, just this June.

Even though she and Armstrong didn’t work out, it seems he may have had a hand–in some way–in her deciding to go through the adoption process and finally become a mother. “I’d just been through a pretty painful breakup where there were kids involved [Armstrong is a father himself], and I’d also been through breast cancer treatment. After that, I felt an acute sense of urgency about how I wanted my life to feel,” she said.

And what that involved was kids. She dipped her toes in first, with an adoption home study, when she filled out paperwork and got certified in infant CPR. “The idea was, if the opportunity came, I would be ready,” she said. And it came, first with Wyatt. After a successful first adoption, she planned well in advance that she wanted to go through the process again–and then came Levi.

So how does Crow take care of two children with no husband by her side? “I’ve got great mommy friends,” she said. She credits Nashville friends like Kim Williams-Paisley and Nicole Kidman for keeping her sane, participating in girls’ nights, and talking kids.

“We’ve had good conversations about vaccinations, child-rearing, the ‘terrible twos’!” Looks like she’s got it under control!


Photo: Gilles Bensimon

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