Sheryl Crow Wears White AGAIN to Country Music Awards: Which Look is Better?

Sheryl Crow Wears White Again to CMT Awards

Usually a stylist or the celebrity themselves will take much care in deciding what to wear to a big award show. Millions will be seeing, commenting and critiquing what they are wearing. So with that in mind, it seems odd that Sheryl Crow would wear white two years in a row to the CMT Music Awards.

Mom Sheryl Crow wore a bright white frock on the red carpet in both 2010 and 2011. And it’s not like white is a signature hue of hers, other red carpet looks of Sheryl demonstrate a wide range of colors. But for some reason the CMT Music Awards is all about the white.


Check out both of the looks below? Which one do you think works better for Sheryl?

Photos: PR Photos