Sheryl Crow's Adoption Kept 'Falling Apart'


Sheryl Crow is no stranger to the trials of adoption. The singer adopted two sons, Wyatt and most recently, 1-month-old Levi.

Wyatt was on board with having a baby brother and single mom Sheryl couldn’t wait, but problems kept arising. “We’ve been going through this for a year — Getting ready for a baby; it falling apart; getting ready for a baby; the mom changing her mind. So [now] we were excited but conservatively excited.”

This isn’t unusual. The adoption process can be long and hard. But now that Sheryl has the new little one at home, she knows that like all good things, it was worth the wait.

“He gives baths, he helps burp him, changes his diaper,” she told “It’s really cute.”

Her busy schedule hasn’t changed much, though it is less glamorous. Of getting ready for the red carpet she said, “I was in sweats bottle feeding one, reading to the other. You make it happen.”

Sheryl Crow makes it happen. I would be answering reporters questions and flashing a smile at the photogs with vomit on my dress and baby food in my hair. Knowing how out of it I can be when in situations where I am supposed to look perfect, this would happen if I had a child or not.  It would be the same, just slightly more weird.  


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