She's One Hot Mama: Anna Benson's Zaniest Moments (PHOTOS)

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Anna Benson FHM cover: One of her outrageous moments

Kris Benson will probably be remembered more for his hot wife than his fast ball. The pitcher, who announced his retirement from baseball this week, and Anna Benson have had a fiery relationship but they’ve stayed together through child bearing, the start of divorce proceedings, her Howard Stern appearances and her notorious FHM cover.

In paying tribute to her, made Anna Benson its hot clicks girl today. We honor her with Anna Benson’s three zaniest moments in the limelight:

1. The dog owner once said PETA should “get a real [expletive] cause” and that “nothing keeps me warmer than my dead animals.”

2. She told Stern that she would take revenge if Kris ever cheated on her by sleeping with every member of the New York Mets, whom he was then playing for.

3. She played in the 2005 World Series of Poker. I don’t think she said anything crazy there.

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