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Shiloh Jolie-Pitt's Boy Clothes: The Secret World Of Child Gender Benders

By ToniFitz76 |

I have a secret confession to make: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, is not the only gender-bending child out there.

When my son was 2, he proudly wore pearls and high-heeled shoes around the house. He also carried a purse.

Since his mom is a writer who works in the basement wearing her pajamas, rather than a gorgeous actress who works in movies wearing skintight jeans, no one was interested in my son’s cross-dressing.

But they sure are interested in Shiloh. What’s laughable is that Shiloh’s probably more in the norm than anyone would have you believe.

One of the kids in my son’s playgroup once wore his sister’s princess costume. Another boy we know told his mom he wanted to be a girl and asked to be called “Susie.” And a girl cousin I played with when I was little always insisted on being the “dad” when we played house.

Guess what? None of these kids have major gender issues now, a year or two (or more than two decades) later.

Good parents know that they have to let their kids explore, figure things out for themselves, and make their own decisions in order to grow.

Shiloh is all of 4 years old. She probably barely understands the difference between a boy and a girl, and if she’s anything like most kids, she idolizes her older siblings … two of whom happen to be boys.

If she’s still wearing a boys’ swimming suit in 10 years, yeah, maybe it’s news – I think we can all agree that teenage girls need to wear a top when they swim.

But speaking as the mom of one stubborn toddler and one cunning 5-year-old, I can say that sometimes it’s just easier and smarter to let the kids do what they want as long as no one’s getting hurt by it.

And no one is getting hurt by Shiloh’s short haircut or boy-trunks.

Photo: Us Weekly

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Toni Fitzgerald has two children, a husband and a cat. She was a contributor for the Babble Famecrawler blog, and currently works for MediaLife Magazine.

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10 thoughts on “Shiloh Jolie-Pitt's Boy Clothes: The Secret World Of Child Gender Benders

  1. gigi says:

    thank you! the best article so far..

  2. kathrynzj says:

    I couldn’t agree more. When adults put their own hang-ups and prejudices on children it is unfair to everyone involved.

  3. kris says:

    Finally, someone who actually gets the toddler/pre-school years. Loved your commentary. I am a parent and a child therapist/educator. Children Shiloh’s age are imaginative and creative. Some girls identify with their brothers, cousins or daddies. Girls who form strong bonds with their male role models only become stronger and more confident people later in life. Mothers who are smart enough to let their children express themselves without judgement will forge stronger emotional bonds of attachment too. Sounds like good parenting to me on the part of the Jolie-Pitts. Maybe their own either overly exposed or highly protected lives as children has actually provided some solid parenting skills they didn’t know were there until they had children. Why judge them afterall? The children appear very normal, happy and loved.

  4. wikig says:

    For once a great article! So much better then what the tabloids print about Shiloh and her family??? I was a Tomboy till I hit High School and now a mum of three and love my husband dearly??

  5. Martine says:

    You are way off the mark. This is certainly just not about clothing. Yeah, I have kids too. And sure they do try on different stuff. Thats the point, they tend to experiment. Shiloh does not. She will under no circumstance do anything to identify herself as a girl.
    Here she is in a public place, with no shirt on. Now you may say that it hurts no one. But you are wrong. Public nudity makes people uncomfortable, and that is why it is against the law. I don’t encourage my kids to ignore the feelings of others, and I don’t let them ignore the laws of the country even if it seems to hurt no one. Thats why I encourage them to cover their privates in public! Sure, they still go streaking sometimes. But I make sure that they do get dressed instead of saying “Well, if you want to go to the store nude, that is fine.” The Pitts are not doing this. They are allowing Shiloh to do whatever she pleases even if it breaks the law. It may be a small thing, but its not a good thing.
    Its not like Shiloh dresses up like a boy sometimes. She does it regularly, even to the point of baring her breasts. She insists on being called boys names. So when she wants to go to the mens bathroom, that will be OK too? Im pretty sure that Angelina is getting a kick out of this, and encouraging it to the detriment of the kids development. And it does hurt people. When someone raises their kids selfishly, we all pay. She doesn’t act like a little kid with a phase, or like a tomboy. She acts like a little person who hates her gender, and who expects the world to bend to her whims. Neither of those is a good direction.

  6. Heather says:

    I think Ms. Jolie is using Shiloh to keep herself in the spotlight with these shanagins. I agree w/ Martine when they said it makes people uncomfortable. My neighbors children run around in only their underwear (we live in a rural area, however they children are 7yr old twins, 5 and 3) and up until a month ago the 7yr olds run around in their underwear. I have a 6yr old son that regularly sees this so does that make it ok b/c they are “expressing” themselves? I have to bring him in the house b/c i don’t want him to see them. So where then does the line cross to being child pornography?It’s on US weekly cover so please help me figure that out. Also about the cross dressing thing, while my son never did that i recognize that children do this, but do they do it so public? I’m thinking not.

  7. Danni says:

    Okay for the two people above me. You are so dumb. Seriously. Shiloh is FOUR!!!! Her being shirtless will hurt people? What are you talking about? She doesnt even have breast! Agian….SHE IS FOUR!!!!!!!! When I was a toddler I was always shirtless when I swam, becuz my parents didnt want me to get tan lines. I was a huge tomboy when I was little. I was born a girl, but I am considered Trans-gendered. cuz i am a boy on the inside. i think like a boy, i dress like a boy. i act like a boy. i hate being called girl names like (her,she) it makes me uncomfortable. but shiloh is still a little girl who doesnt understand HATE. she is just being herself. to me she is more of a little boy than a girl cuz of the way she acts. not cuz of the way she dresses. and angie is not exploiting shiloh, cuz i have seen SOOO many pictures of shiloh in dresses and girl clothes. cuz angie tried converting shiloh into a girl but found out that shiloh didnt like it so she now lets shiloh CHOOSE! its not fair having “control” over your childs personality! NOT FAIR AT ALL!

  8. Guillermo says:

    I couldn’t disagree with you more danni those guys above u are not dumb… they are really retarded!!!! For god sake, she is only 5!!!! she doesn’t even have breasts!!! I thought she was a boy, thats not against the law, and if you think so, lets ask a police if the put in jail 5 yo girls for being shirtless, its the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard, she is a baby, and I’m sure that no one would feel uncomfortable if a 5yo baby girl enters the boys restroom, when i was a little boy my mom used to be very overprotective and when my dad was working and we were in the mall or whatever, she used to take me to the woman’s restroom with her because she didn’t wanted me to go alone because of the rapist and killers, and the only one who didn’t like it was me.
    Besides, don’t be stupid, being in underwear is exactly the same than wearing speedos, tell me, is that against the law? if so i think the police should ban the swimming races!!!!!!
    Even if she doesn’t do anything to identify herself as a girl who cares or if its not a phase or if she actually wants to be a boy for all her life, it doesn’t affect anyone and it is certainly non of your business!!!!!! If she is happy with it then i don’t see why it should be bad, and if so lets put portia de rossi & ellen degeneres in jail for being a lesbian and every other gay person. ¬_¬”

  9. mia says:

    I used to be a BIG tomboy when little, even used topless bathing suits til boobs started growing… Turned out heterosexual either way (not implying that being homosexual is bad either) just say this bc of all the ppl freaking out as if THIS were big news… please, you are being huge ignorants! I’d rather have a daughter like this than the little sl*ts that exist nowadays!

  10. Arual15 says:

    What breasts? At the age of four or five a child does not have breasts. You’re the one with the issue here, not this little girl nor her parents. When I was little I used to swim with bottoms and no top. It’s called innocence. If she’s still doing this when her breast buds are coming in then there might be an issue but she’s not nude. There’s no law against children swimming in only bottoms. I’m not entirely sure why you impled that there was.

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