Shocker: Kelly Ripa Didn't Know Regis Philbin Was Going To Retire!

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Kelly Ripa: She didn't know Regis Philbin was retiring!

Turns out Kelly Ripa was as shocked as the rest of us when Regis Philbin announced his retirement this morning on “Live with Regis and Kelly.” Instead of giving his co-host an advance heads up, Regis dropped that bomb about 15 minutes before the show began airing. So Kelly Ripa wasn’t faking her surprise! Why did Regis Philbin keep his co-host in the dark?

Not for any sinister reason. The 79-year-old just didn’t want the news to get leaked before he made the announcement during today’s show, which featured an interview with Janice Dickinson.

And he’s probably right, I’m sure it would have leaked out. I know there’s nothing surprising about a 79-year-old deciding to quit his day job but this man has as much energy as my toddler!


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