Shocking Details! John Edwards Engaged to Rielle Hunter - Too Soon?


JOhn Edwards Engaged

The National Enquirer is reporting that over the holiday just 3 weeks after his wife died -John Edwards proposed to his mistress and baby momma Rielle Hunter. Now first you might roll you’re eyes because the National Enquirer is the one reporting this new. But they were the ones to initially and correctly report that not only was Edward having an affair but that he had fathered a love child. Yes, they’ve got some pretty good sources.

But the big question…is it too soon for John Edwards and Rielle Hunter plus shocking details about their engagement.

Elizabeth Edwards had, naturally, wanted her children with John Edwards to have nothing to do with Rielle Hunter. But according to the report John Edwards celebrated the holidays with his old family and his new family all together. He apparently expressed that he wanted them all to be “one big, happy family.” The worst part of it and who knows if this is really true they are reporting that Rielle asked the Elizabeth and John’s youngest kids to call her “Mommy.” Egads! Now that’s some nerve. That is probably the LAST thing Elizabeth Edwards would want.