Shocking: Did Mel Gibson Hit His 2 Month Old Baby?


If you weren’t already thinking that Mel Gibson is the most horrible person to grace the face of the planet, then this news is set to convince you. In the wake of four ranting tapes in which Mel throws expletive laced temper tantrums comes the latest and most shocking news-He hit and bruised his 2 month old daughter Lucia. Mom Oksana Grigorieva has photographic proof.

The images, set to be used in the custody battle, show little Lucia with a bruised chin.  The photo has been sealed at Mel’s request.

The incident is said to have happened on January 6, the day Mel allegedly punched Oksana’s teeth out. Lucia was just 2 months old at this time.

The photos alone would not be enough evidence against Mel since Lucia could have gotten the bruise a million other ways than being hit by her father. However, paired with the tapes, in which Mel basically admits that he hit Oksana because she “f*cking deserved it,” it is likely that Mel also hit the child.

Not only should he not be granted custody, he should get jail time.