Shocking! Hugh Hefner's Woman Was Sleeping Around!


hugh-hefner-kimberly-conradSo, apparently Hugh Hefner says his ex Kimberly Conrad cheated on him during their marriage. Um, excuse me if I sound naive, but isn’t the whole point of marrying Hugh Hefner and living in the Playboy Mansion so that you can sleep with the entire Western Hemisphere? What about Hef and his eight girlfriends he’s always photographed with? I guess he’s just keeping them around in case he needs to discuss nuclear physics.

When asked why he is just now divorcing Conrad after being separated for 11 years, the bathrobe-wearing Playboy overlord says, “At the time of the separation, I was happy to get a divorce … I only remained married for the sake of the children at her request.”

That Hef – always thinking of the kids.