Shootout on UT Campus: 1 Dead, Police Search For Possible Second Gunman


Parents of University of Texas students are in a panic. A gunmen opened fire this morning in the campus library. He committed suicide, but there is a chance a second gunman is still on the loose.

Campus police, Austin police and the state Department of Public Safety are on hand. There are also armored vehicles positioned near the library and this morning, a DPS helicopter circled the campus.

Luckily, none of the students were injured in the shoot out, but it will be emotionally scarring for them. “I was walking from the business school, and a guy sprinted past me screaming, ‘There’s a guy with a gun.’ I looked up and saw a man in a ski mask, wearing a suit, and carrying an assault rifle. And I called 911,” one senior tells the AP.

The university has wisely canceled classes for the day and is advising everyone to stay indoors. The email they sent to students and staff stated: “A suspected shooter in PCL library is dead. Police are searching for possible second shooter. Lock doors, do not leave your building.”