Shop Til You Drop - A Photo Contest


boys-suitsDo you have kids? Do they wear clothes? Did the clothes cost so much money that you needed to sit in the minivan and cry?

Hello, preacher. This is the choir.

That’s why Babble Playground is going to help you, the parent with the kids and the clothes and the stuff.  All you need is a camera, some fancy and some schmancy. We’re talking pics of them in their Sunday best.

Then enter and wait.  You could win a $500 gift card to Mini Social.  Them there is kid covers.

1. If you’re not yet a member of Babble Playground, sign up here and create your profile.

2. Upload your cutest photos of your kids in their best attire.

2. Join this here group and leave the pic in comments.

4. Check back later to see who won the $500 gift card from The Mini Social the members-only shopping site with huge designer discounts for kid clothes! Contest ends September 30th.

Make it happen, people.