Should Denise Richards Raise Charlie Sheen's Twins? Brooke Mueller Says "No"

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Should Denise Richards Raise Charlie Sheen's Twins?

I think it’s safe to say that no one was really shocked yesterday when a judge ruled that Charlie Sheen was not a fit parent to take care of his twin boys. Seriously, what judge in American would’ve given him custody and still had a job the next morning?

With Charlie off on his “Torpedo of Truth” tour and Brooke Mueller back in rehab, who is the best person to raise the boys? The judge let Brooke keep custody for now, but will he be forced to change his ruling if things don’t improve with her situation?

Charlie’s ex-wife, Denise Richards, has offered to help and said that the children are welcome to come stay with her for the time being. Is she the best person to give those boys a stable home?

Brooke Mueller doesn’t think so. While she and Denise are friends and have even had play dates with their kids in the past, Brooke thinks that sending the twins to Denise will confuse them. According to a source close to Mueller, “Brooke would never let that happen. The boys live in a very stable home and that would only uproot them. Grandparents and family members are much better than ex-wives!”

What do you think? If family members wind up unable to care for the twins, is Denise Richards the next best choice?

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