Should Dina Manzo Do The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Show?


Dina Manzo gave up her Real Housewife of New Jersey title for one very good reason – Danielle Staub. She said, “I tried. I’m done. I’m out.”  She wants nothing more than to stay away from her, for her and her family’s sake. “She’s dangerous. I’m not sure what she’s capable of.”  But as the wounds from the bitter relationship heal, Dina might just tear them right back open…

Dina was invited to partake in the always ultra dramatic and high octane reunion show. Dina tweeted that “Yes I’ve been invited to the reunion & yes I’m welcome to still blog. Torn~ I really want to be done w her. That won’t help make it go away. What do you guys think??”

She continued to say, “Maybe I should just show up at the reunion dressed like her weave & all & just sit there like nothings wrong…Now THAT would be funny.” But that would be a pretty impossible feat. She added that, “ahhh screw it, I’m sending @kathygriffin w a blonde wig in my place at the reunion. I have a feeling she could shut that Beyotch down.” Not a bad idea.

But if she truly wants Danielle completely out of her life, coming face to face with her on the reunion show would be an ill-advised thing to do. Nothing good could come out of it, except some spectacular Bravo ratings. And what would that teach her daughter? Being wishy washy is never a good trait to pass on.

Do you think Dina should do the reunion?

Photo: INF Photo