Should Kate Gosselin Be the Next Bachelorette?


Well, with this season of Dancing with the Stars already in the books, its time to start shopping for Kate Gosselin’s next reality TV venture. Of course, we know about Kate Plus 8 coming next month, and Twist of Kate some time after that. But admit it: this whole ‘Kate enters a contest thing’ was kind of awesome. She is a truly terrible dancer, yes. But her willingness to jump in front of the camera and look silly has proven to be highly entertaining.

Enter, The Bachelorette. And I’m not the only one who thinks so.Chris Harrison recently spoke about the possibility of Bachelorette Kate to OK, and while he said its not in the cards at the moment, he definitely didn’t rule it out.

“I would love to see the reaction of the guys about — not just a mom — but Kate Gosselin standing there with her eight babies,” Harrison said. Yes, that’s the point. SO WOULD WE. We’d love to see it, DVR it, and watch it again. Then we’d like to come into our offices the next day and talk about it.

In all seriousness, The Bachelorette could use an update anyway. Watching 20-somethings fumble around with a the rose-ceremony simply isn’t all that interesting. Now, 30-somethings trying to hold down a conversation over the din of eight kids? That’s entertainment. Replace those roses with sippy cups and we’d really be somewhere.

Even Harrison admitted, “If she wants to come on the show, I’ll welcome her with open arms.”

So now, the only obstacle seems to be getting Kate to agree to do the show. In the past, she’s said that she won’t. But who does she think she’s kidding?