Should "Kate Plus Eight" Drop The Eight?


kate-gosselin-errands-hatAs TLC scrambles to pull Jon and Kate’s ratings out of a nosedive, they’ve already taken some drastic measures to try to win back viewers… ahem, axing Jon for starters (we’ll see if that works). Some are saying that the network is not going far enough. Should TLC drop the whole family thing and rename the show Katezilla?

Is anyone really watching the show for the parenting angle anymore? Or is it really all about watching Kate get cosmetic surgery, cry on cue, and dominate Jon in family decisions?

Kate’s celebrity status  (and Jon’s hijincks)  has been overshadowing the show’s original format of the show for months now. I think TLC has picked up on the fact that nobody really cares about the parenting per say, it’s all the stuff that happens in between.

Will Kate Plus 8 (starting Nov. 2nd) be all about Kate the jet setting celebrity… who also has kids and a jackass ex-husband?

OK, so Jon may not be completely out of the picture yet. In fact, he seems to be doing all he can to stretch the divorce out as long as possible. Maybe he realizes that Kate’s the one who’s going on to bigger better things and he’s about to fade away?

Would you still watch the show if the 8 played only a minor role?