Should Leah Remini And Holly Robinson Peete Have Their Own Talk Show? (Would You Watch?)

Sarah Gilbert and former co-host Leah Remini

Apparently, fans of CBS’s “The Talk” are none too happy about the firing of two of their favorite celebrity moms, Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete.

It’s been a few weeks since the two actresses have been booted off the show and fans of the daytime chat fest have made it clear that they want the two women back, or they won’t be tuning in anymore.

In addition, CBS has not given an official statement or reason as to why the network let go the two stars of the show, leaving both Leah and Holly in the dark as to what went wrong.

Many fans of the show have been outspoken about the co-host shuffle, commenting, “I record ‘The Talk’ and had to check online to see where Leah and Holly were?  They were the show.  I guess I will be deleting ‘The Talk’ from my DVR!”

“This show is ruined. We need Leah back and Holly, too. Leah made the show worth watching,” commented another fan.

What do you think, should Leah and Holly have their own talk show so they could sit down and talk about hot topics in parenting?  Would you tune in?

Photo: Twitter

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