Should Victoria Beckham Carry Harper Wearing Super High Heels? (Photos)

victoria beckham
Victoria Beckham and baby Harper in NYC.

Victoria Beckham is known for being a huge fashion icon, and even though she just delivered baby Harper nine weeks ago, she’s already wearing her signature style trends again.

One look that Victoria refuses to give up even for a tiny baby is her love of super high heels. It’s tough enough to walk in stilettos without holding onto anything, let alone a baby. Victoria was photographed leaving the Four Seasons Hotel in New York wearing mile-high heels. Should Victoria really be carrying Harper while wearing heels like that? Is she being irresponsible?

I’m sure that Victoria has walking in heels down to a “T,” but the streets of New York City are often uneven, and she risked falling over by choosing the shoes she did.

Here are a few more photos of Victoria and baby Harper. Would you carry your baby in those shoes?


  • Check out those heels! 1 of 5
    Check out those heels!
  • Holding Harper tight! 2 of 5
    Holding Harper tight!
  • Don’t her feet hurt? 3 of 5
    Don't her feet hurt?
  • Lucky her heel didn’t get stuck in that grate! 4 of 5
    Lucky her heel didn't get stuck in that grate!
  • One posh mama! 5 of 5
    One posh mama!