Should You Cover Your Baby Bump or Let it Hang Out like Alicia Silverstone?

Alicia Silverstone pregnant
Alicia Silverstone's baby bump hangs out!

Being pregnant changes the fashion rules!  We wear maternity dresses and tops with patterns or bows that we’d never be caught dead in otherwise.

We can wear a bikini and show off our huge, growing bellies! Better yet, we’ll get comments about how cute we are for doing so. Try that when you aren’t pregnant and see what kind of comments you get!

But, is it okay to let our pregnant bellies hang out on any given day?

Alicia Silverstone has been spotted on more than one occasion with a shirt that doesn’t cover her baby belly, leaving quite a bit peeking out from the bottom of her shirt.

I admit that my pregnant belly might have showed a little bit by accident towards the end of my pregnancies, when I outgrew all my maternity clothes and was just waiting for delivery day instead of buying a new shirt that I’d only be able to wear for a week.

Most moms can probably understand and relate. But, when you are a celeb mom, is showing your pregnant belly a fashion don’t?

Photo: Pacific Coast News