Should You Drink In Front of Your Kids? Elisabeth Rohm Weighs In

elisabeth rohm daughter
Elisabeth Rohm

It’s after 5 here. And it’s been a long day. Is it okay to pour one glass of wine as I’m about to go prepare dinner for my family? Or should I wait until my kids are in bed?

Elisabeth Rohm, from Law & Order, used to think this was perfectly fine. Until her three year-old daughter, Easton August, noticed that she was drinking. Should we drink in front of our kids?

Elisabeth Rohm grew up with adults around her who would drink socially, as many of us did. But, times have changed.  Is it still okay to have a drink in front of our kids? Or does that teach them that they can drink, too?

Or, if we never show our kids what it looks like to drink responsibly, will they overindulge when they are older because they don’t know about moderation?

Maybe Elisabeth wouldn’t have thought about it until she heard her daughter say “My mom drinks wine.”

Mine don’t say that. They call it “Mommy juice.”

Do you ever have a drink in front of your kids?

Photo: PRPhotos